If however there was ever any doubt that music binds together but also uplifts, then step forward
the Gospel Diva, Lea Gilmore. There was simply no one who better embraced the spirit of
Common Ground more than the effervescent, dynamic and energetic Lea Gilmore. This was
music and personality in overdrive. Singing solo or as part of Sangmele or performing the
musical equivalent of 'silk purses out of sows ears' in training a Scottish Gospel Choir fit to
perform in public in a total rehearsal time of two and a half hours, she was immense. Such a
musical experience could cut waiting lists in the health service overnight. This was so therapeutic
but, more importantly; it offered the kind of insight into another culture that can only come from
participation. It was a cultural sharing that went far beyond enjoyment and musical fulfilment. It
was a blessing and gift from a talent so freely shared.

Willie Slavin, participate and Journalist -- Common Ground-Scotland Music and Arts

"Lea Gilmore can sing it all....blues, spirituals, jazz, folk, old-time, gospel...you name it.  I have
seen her move audiences to their feet, bring them to tears and put smiles on their faces. She
has the gift of a great voice and uses it with care, grace and power, reminding us that the
person behind the voice is the bottom line."
- Walt Michael, Artistic Director, Common Ground on the Hill and the American Music
and Arts Festival

"Lea Gilmore's rich and passionate voice is a gift from her soul to our ears. Sincere, honest, and
impassioned are the words to be filled under her name in the Dictionary of the Blues."
- Bob Unger,  Bob Unger’s Blues Photography and Web Design

" I got goose bumps all over my body, and even though I am not an especially religious person, I
was moved by the spirituality in her emotion filled voice. Lea makes you feel without resorting to
any gimmicks."
- Buddy Fox, Buddy Fox Blues Productions

“Lea has one of the finest blues and gospel voices I  have ever heard,  She just blows me
- Marc Steiner, The Marc Steiner Show, WHJU Radio
"Lea is an exceptionally talented singer, not only with her convincing voice, but especially
emotion flow through me as when hearing her voice. Also as a person, she sparkles with
simplicity, beauty and an unmistakable feeling for humor and an aura which is given to few. "
- Bobtje Blues - Belgian Blues promoter and writer

“Praise the Lord for Lea Gilmore!  For her voice; for her attitude; for her kindness; for her
authenticity; for her fight; for her pain; for her musical love, luggage & all roundness; for her
multicultural engagement.  Give her and peace a chance. In your club. Anywhere!
You won't regret it. “
- Bart De Smedt, Candelaershuys- Brussels, Belgium

"The class of the great torch singers of the past, the sassy sway and passion of the old-school
blues ladies and the sexiness of a real woman...."
- Jackson Steinberg, Freelance Writer   

“A sweet lady with even a sweeter voice....a lady to take notice of!”         
- Paul Benjamin, Director, North Atlantic Blues Festival

“Need to start a fire at your club, or festival, or event?  Just bring in "Miss Spontaneous
Combustion" Lea Gilmore. When this goddess of blues, soul, and gospel performs, sparks fly!
Keep your fire hose handy, 'cause the flames keep breaking out long after Lea has left the
- The Commander, 91.3 fm WLVR Bethlehem, Lehigh Unv. Radio