An Evening With
L e a   G i l m o r e
Blues, Jazz, Gospel...and more
laughs than you can stand!

A long awaited opportunity to experience "An Evening With Lea
in your cultural center and theatre!  Lea has sung to
thousands of sold-out audiences across Flanders and Europe.  You
now have the rare occasion to enjoy this fantastic performer "up close
and personal."  Lea is joined by long-time collaborator Belgian pianist
Marc Borms, and other talented musicians. This will be an evening to
remember that your public will be talking about for ages to come.  

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information contact Jessica Nusbaum

Lea Gilmore

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An evening with Lea Gilmore is one full of
laughter, amazing music, and social
commentary that never hits you in the face.  
Lea has one of the most melodic, beautiful
voices I have ever heard.  She sings in the
tradition of the greats ,such as Ella Fitzgerald,
Mahalia Jackson, Dinah Washington—never
losing her own originality.  Lea is a sensuous
presence, bountiful,  beautiful and a smile that
lights up the stage. Lea's concerts are events
to experience and an evening you will never

Marc Steiner, The Marc Steiner Radio Show,
WEAA radio
An Evening with Lea Gilmore!