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Lea Gilmore’s visit to The International School of Brussels was a whirlwind of energy,
expertise and fresh air.  She held assemblies of Middle School, High School,
Elementary School and Early Childhood students, all of whom were absolutely, joyfully
spellbound by her sense of humour, her rhythm and her powerful, expressive voice.
Everywhere she went on campus during her week-long stay, she was greeted like a
superstar.  Kids whispered shyly, “Hi, Lea,” and asked for her autograph.  Others
shouted across the hallway, “You’re fantastic, Lea!”  

On stage her dynamic performances included story-telling based on the Black
American experience with gospel and blues entwined exquisitely. Off-stage, Lea
visited classrooms throughout the school, sharing her songs and stories.  She
adapted her presentations to suit the age of the children: from working on a re-
enactment of ‘The Clearing’ scene from Toni Morrison’s Beloved with a High School
English class to stomping, clapping and part-singing with a group of First Graders.

All were touched by Lea’s warmth and the ease with which she was able to connect
with people of all ages. She brought an awareness of Black American history through
sharing her hopes and fears and a part of herself.  As she listened to the voices of our
students, she raised our awareness of what it means to be part of the human family.
She prepared meticulously for each class in advance, and was flexible and
adaptable.  She understood students and teachers alike.  Her academic background
in political and social science and history enabled her to take the students forward in
their understanding of history and issues in literature. Her visit was described as
inspirational by many. She transformed our days and uplifted our spirits while she was
here at The International School of Brussels.  Her impact on our school was

“Best Middle School Assembly I’ve seen in fifteen years!”
Middle School Head, ISB

“When is Lea coming back to us?”
Third Grader, ISB

“Thanks for the gift . . . having Lea Gilmore at our school was a fabulous
Director, Washington International School

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